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Audi R8 Spyder

Audi R8 Spyder

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This officially Licensed Audi R8 is a scale replica with authentic badges, LED lights, horn, and all other functionalities your child could ever dream of. With the real Audi appearance-striking look, this car is equipped with all the necessary features: double doors, LED headlights and comes with 12v total power and twin motors for better performance.

3-8 Years


1 Seater


12V 4.5Ah


20 W x 2



Remote Control


Power Display:

The current battery status is displayed on your dashboard

Music using USB/Micro SD Slots or AUX/MP3 Input:

This car comes with an MP3/Music outlet so that your child can play his/her favourite audiobooks, or music while he/she’s cruising around.

Shock Absorbers:

This car comes with Two Shock Absorbers to minimize discomfort when your child drives on uneven ground

Foot Driving Mode:

As oppose to Slow Start feature, Foot Driving Mode prevents the rapid and sudden stops that comes with electric vehicles when the rider takes his/her foot off the peddle

Rear Trunk:

This car is one the few models that are equipped with rear trunk

LED Lights:

This car comes with powerful LED Lights for maximum visibility during those evening drives.

Leather Seats:

This car comes with faux leather seats, so that your child will feel extra comfortable during those hour long drives.

Point Seat Belt:

This car comes with a five-point seat belt to strap your child in, to keep him/her safe and secure while the vehicle is in motion.


Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 102 × 33 × 50.8 cm
Color Pink, Red, White
Ride-On Type Powered Ride On
Seats 1