The Kool Karz® Story

Kool Karz® is not just another online retailer for Ride On Cars. We’re a luxury lifestyle brand for car loving children.

Why did I start Kool Karz®?
Because once upon a time, I was a car loving child myself. My love for cars began as a young boy, when I received a Little Tikes Toy Car for my 4th birthday. It was love at first sight.

(Back then I couldn’t have fathomed the existence of Electric Ride On Cars)

To me, the car wasn’t just a toy. It was a companion on all of my adventures. It was my firetruck when I was a fireman, my police car when I was a cop, and my Bat Mobile when i was Batman. It was also the starting point for my lifelong passion for cars!

My Little Tikes Toy Car sparked my imagination and brought me endless hours of joy as a child. I hope that your child experiences that same joy through their very own Ride On Car.

– Daniel
CEO and Founder of Kool Karz®